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Automated builds using VSeWSS 1.3

I stumbled upon this post from John W Powell explaining how to create a nightly build using the Visual Studio Extensions for WSS 3.0. Exteremely interesting and something I’m gonna try out later this week. Let’s hope it’s a bit easier to do so in VS 2010 with MOSS 2010 🙂

SharePoint 2007 Engineering Practices, Must Read

One of my colleagues sent me a link to a VERY NICE article about MOSS 2007 Projects. It lists a lot of lessons learned and things to consider in a SharePoint project. The only small remark I have is that if we are using Team System for our SharePoint projects, we might use the Team System Project Portal (based on WSS 3.0) instead of adding a seperate MOSS 2007 to create a project portal. I’m pretty sure (haven’t tested it though) that you can give people access to your team portal in Team System without them having to be a Licensed User.

Microsoft® Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR July CTP

Microsoft just  released the CTP of the Team System Database Edition which adds support for SQL Server 2008 Projects.

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Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server Power Tools – July 2008 Release

July 18, 2008 1 comment

Microsoft released a new version of their Team Foundation Server Power Tools. These tools help you administer and change your Team System environment to map better with your project approach, philosophy and organization. The current package includes: 

  • Command line tool (TFPT.EXE)
  • Team Explorer IDE menu additions
  • Build Notification tool
  • TFS Best Practices Analyzer
  • Process Template Editor
  • Work Item Templates
  • Custom check-in policies
  • TFS Server Manager
  • TFS Users tool
  • Alert Editor

Download link

Visual Studio 2008 not loading

Today I experienced a rather weird error. Upon launching VS 2008 (Beta2) it refused to launch. After checking out my processes I could see that devenv was running, but nothing was happening. After checking all the possible settings that stop an exe from starting up, I finally came up with the solution.

When launching VS2008 it talks to a process called PresentationFontCache.exe. When I stopped that process, VS2008 continued to launch, and PresentationFontCache got launched as well.

On a sidenote, I went to the BPIO training concerning Collaboration, Unified Communcation, … and it was good stuff. A bit too SharePoint minded, but at least we know have a clear vision of Ms’s vision on IO.

Microsoft .Net Magazine

In the december issue of Microsoft .Net Magazine (2007) I’m on the cover! with the BOIC Project. In that project I had the technical lead. Due to the new versions of Team System and Visual Studio coming out we decided to build the whole thing in WPF and use Visual Studio 2008 and Team System 2008 Foundation Server to build the application. Worked like a charm. Most of the time 🙂

Archive : The project file ‘ ‘ has been renamed or is no longer in the solution

Today I started transferring projects from the old environment in our new Team System 2008 environment. I also took the time to clean up some projects and one of them gave me this nice error. I did indeed remove a few of the “test gui” projects, and after a little search the solution lied in removing the references in one of the web projects to that particular project. What I do not understand is why it can’t say : Project Web X failed in loading the reference to project Y (Y.dll). But I guess that’s just too easy to fix then, and then my blog would be out of stuff to post 🙂

EDIT: I’m getting quite a few hits on this post, so if this post is helping you, please let me know in a comment. Thx!

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