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Publishing your PowerPoint presentation to a slides library

As a result of the heavy workload of my colleagues and myself, we decided to make use of the slide library built in Moss 2007 to prepare our team presentation instead of having the Powerpoint somewhere in our Moss 2007 environment as a single document. We created a document workspace, added a slide library to it, opened upΒ PowerPoint 2007 and selected Publish to publish our PowerPoint presentation as a slide library. There was no option available to publish it! I checked to make sure that I had the Professional version of Office 2007 on my laptop. I did. After some reseach, and doublechecking Microsoft’s post about publishing slidesΒ I figured I did nothing wrong. When going thorugh Patrick Luca’s Blog I found out that even in the Professional version ofΒ PowerPoint 2007 you are unable to do so. Only Microsoft Office Professional Plus, Enterprise and Ultimate support this feature.Β Keep this in mind when talking to clients about this feature, as it might imply a complete rollout of a new Office version (which you probably did not foresee in your initial scope)

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