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Tech Ed Barcelona : Dday – 2 (Road Trip)

November 8, 2008 Leave a comment

As promised to my colleagues and friends I’ll be blogging about my road trip to Barcelona Tech Ed with my colleague Yanis Duwyn. This post is currently made from Yanis’ catacombs of his house. The car is ready, the tank is filled up, the laptops are ready and there is a big case of Red Bull in the trunk. I kissed my kid and girlfriend goodbye and got the typical concerned parent phonecall, which is always nice 🙂 Wish me good luck, I’m driving with Camicaze Yanis for 16 hours, and I’m supposed to sleep while he is driving 🙂

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tech ed Developers| 2008 I’ll be there – will you?

October 31, 2008 Leave a comment

And it’s time for the alltime necessary post to let you know that I’ll be attending tech ed 2008 for Developers from 10 to 14 November in Barcelona Spain. I’ll probably will be following most of the MOSS 2007 sessions there and take a look at the future as well (what is coming, what is going on). I’ve seen that quite a few partners are there as well, so it’ll be a nice time to catch up. If you are interested to meet and have a beer (in Belgium we only drink beer 🙂 ) let me know at “digitallion connected to an @ and then Microsoft’s email service ( Sorry about the cryptic message but I don’t want to be flooded with spam 🙂 See you there!



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