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The Web application at (url) could not be found.

February 1, 2010 1 comment

Possible causes:

– You made a typo.
– You made a typo.
– You created a SharePoint 2007 x64 development machine. Don’t do that, make a x86 (32bit) installation and forget about developing under x64 for MOSS 2007.
– You are running a website that accesses SharePoint data and the application pool does not have the same identity as the application pool SharePoint is running under. In my opinion this should work with any identity as long as it has acces to SharePoint but clearly it doesn’t… Rules there are supposed to be that the user accessing the SPSite object should be a site collection administrator?

Note that I added you made a typo twice, it’s because for some reason in my environment the create a new web application page added a dot (.) after my servername, so my web application url was http://servername.:2010 instead of http://servername:2010. Internet Explorer works PERFECTLY when you use http://servername:2010 without the dot (.) but when you copy this into your code it gives an error as it is looking for http://servername.:2010. This one got me stuck for quite a while.