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Enabling Virtualization on your Sony Vaio

This weekend I bought myself a Sony Vaio to be able to run SP2010 on a laptop as well (so that when I got some time during noon I can play around). After installing Windows Server 2008 R2 on it and enabling Hyper-V I got this nice message telling me that virtualization on a Sony Vaio is disabled. After checking online I found only links to obscure BIOS hacks to enable this, and a blog post of one of the big guys of Sony telling us that in the future it would be enabled. That blog post was 4 months ago but my stuff wasn’t working and brand new. Luckily, the Sony site has a BIOS update utility to enable this, but search engines didn’t turn up anything about it, therefor this post. Select the model of your VAIO, select downloads and then the BIOS Utility. Take into account that installing the BIOS update does not enable your hardware virtualization. You need to press F2 to get into your BIOS, enable hardware virtualization and you are ready to go. The machine rocks btw, and for a price of 1260 euro it’s pretty high on the value/quality part as far as I’m concerned as it has 6GB of memory.

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