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Tech Ed Barcelona – Day Two

Tuesday was a very relaxed day, and a bit of a disappointment as well. In the morning I followed the more detailed session on STSDEV by Ted Pattison. The session itself was pretty good, but it left many people wanting. It is often that you use external DLL’s in your SharePoint project (Bamboo, …) and STSDEV doesn’t really support all that. Nevertheless it does help you speed up your SharePoint development and I’ll be doing a short session about it at the office as well. So a bit of a double feeling there. The second session of the day was Creating and Debugging Custom Timer Jobs in WSS 3.0 and that was very interesting. I haven’t coded a timer job myself yet, so I’m definetely going to try that out once I get home. The third session of the day was supposed to be Extreme SharePoint Customization – Understanding SharePoint Custom Fields. Unfortunately it was full when I arrived, so I had to take an alternative and checked out ASPNET MVC. Very nice session, small hickup during the demo but I did learn a lot. Luckily there is a rerun of the Extreme SharePoint Custo session as well so I’ll be able to follow that as wel.

In the afternoon I started with MOSS 2007 as WCM for Internet Facing Websites by Andrew Connell. BIG disappointment. It was the standard presentation of what a MOSS Publishing Site is. So I went to the lab area instead and followed some labs on WCF. Then last, but definetely not least, I took the presentation by Tim Huckaby : Integrating WPF and WCF into your Office Business Applications. And up till now I think that’s the best session I went to. Interesting, well presented and funny. What more do you need to end the day. After a long day of sessions, and the sauna and jacuzzi closing down at 21.00 we decided to do that before going for a bite. As expected, we were exhausted afterwards, went to the big mall right in front of the hotel and had some Burger King. Yes, Burger King, we hardly have those in Belgium so when I’m abroad I try to visit one 🙂 Only one picture this time, I got a nice SharePoint hat and a U2U T-shirt so it was time for the ultimate nerd pose!

SharePoint Hat and U2U T-Shirt Nerd

SharePoint Hat and U2U T-Shirt Nerd

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