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Tech Ed EMEA Barcelona D-Day -1

What happened on Dday -1? We arrived at 11.30 am at the AC Barcelona hotel. Where “we” stands for two zombies who drove for 12 hours in a row from Geraardsbergen to Barcelona. And the truth needs to be told, Yanis drove most of it. I already drove 4 hours before I arrived at Yanis’ place, so he took part of most of the driving towards Barcelona. And we had quite some fun driving to Barcelona, that is on the sparse moments where we were both awake. It all started well. The car was freshly washed, we had plenty of energy drinks ready and there was this exciting buzz of “WE ARE GOING ON A ROAD TRIP”. Our enthousiasms was great, especially for the first 15 minutes. Then we got our first flash of driving too fast on the highway (110 km/h). But we weren’t. Two minutes later we were flashed again as was the car before us. This time we were flashed at 65 km/h and we had no clue what was going on. So yes, quite the mistery. But it’ll be cleared out soon when Yanis receives the speeding tickets in his mailbox ๐Ÿ™‚

It was quite the journey after that, we had the good music, there was almost no one on the road and I slept for four hours ๐Ÿ™‚ During that time Yanis drove 500km and I slept. Then it was about 4am and I took over. As I was still sleepy we started putting on some classics songs to sing along to stay awake (see picture of radio). And with the voice I got, staying awake wasn’t a problem at all. I drove 300 km while singing and dancing around in the car trying to stay awake. Yanis, to my utter surprise, slept and made some weird noises duringย  is sleep. Turning up the volume of the radio made them disappear. After 300 km I was exhausted and Yanis took over again. The next time I woke up we were driving in some mountaints which Yanis claimed that they were the Pyrenees. Our first discussion of the day surfaced as I stated it couldn’t be the Pyrenees yet. You can understand my joy and happyness when 3 hours later we were greeted by a sign which stated : Pyrenees. At around 10 o’clock we stopped at a gas station for fuel and Yanis was hoping for his first cup of coffee. But poor directions at the gas station made him pass the cafeteria and with a little push of yours truely we went straight up the highway again (I claimed it would be better to drink coffee in Barcelona, which we still haven’t btw ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Our second discussion arose when the GPS said left, and Yanis said right. And sadly, Yanis was right. We arrived at the hotel a few minutes later.

The hotel itself (AC Barcelona) lies right next to the conference hall, so that is nice ๐Ÿ™‚ We got a small but decent room with seaview on the 9th floor. The hotel houses some jacuzzi’s, some sauna’s and some turkish sauna’s and a fitness room on the 13th floor, with view over the city(see pictures). All very nice. After depositing all our stuff in our room and registering at Tech Ed we took the public transportation direction Villa Olympica. There we were greeted by the famous Shoko restaurant/lounge bar and we took a stroll down the beach.

We enjoyed (at least Yanis did, I thought it tasted horrible and I usually love it) some Sangria and went eating at a restaurant called “the Peru restaurant”. We both chose a menu and a bottle of white whine. Yanis took some cream soup, I went for some marinaded moussles and as main course we both received the typical spanish paella. It all tasted great, but the effects of our long journey started to affect us. We went back to the hotel, enjoyed some sauna and jacuzzy and went straight to bed. The end of an exhausting day. And man, did I sleep well!

Starting the trip

Starting the trip

Me, </p> <p>With Sombrero

Me, With Sombrero

Yanis, </p> <p>ready to drive

Yanis, ready to drive

Yanis </p> <p>is done driving

Yanis is done driving

Me </p> <p>Driving

Me Driving

Classical Singalongs

Classical Singalongs



Done </p> <p>driving

Done driving

AC </p> <p>Barcelona

AC Barcelona

Sea </p> <p>View

Sea View

Two </p> <p>seperate beds as requested
Two seperate beds as


Pool on </p> <p>Roof

Pool on Roof

Tech Ed </p> <p>Entrance

Tech Ed Entrance

Subway </p> <p>Trip

Subway Trip



Some </p> <p>Creamy Soup

Some Creamy Soup

Marinated Mussles

Marinated Mussles

Postin </p> <p>the blog

Postin the blog

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