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Moss 2007 Licensing (rant)

CMSWatch has a nice, but short and incomplete, rant about the SharePoint 2007 licensing. And it is indeed rather confusing. As the article specifies, when you have a core CAL you only have access to your MOSS 2007 Standard functionalities. So can’t you put an enterprise version of MOSS 2007 and still use your core CAL to access non Enterprise functionalities? Officially, you can’t, however there is what they call a gentlemen’s agreement where people who use the Enterprise features are using an additional CAL, while those who aren’t accessing those features are using the Core CAL. That way you don’t have to buy 5000 extra CALs if only 10 users are making use of the are using those features.

Apart from that there is still quite a lot of different possibilities and rules that specify which license you need in which case of infrastructure (staging environment, non staging, …) Between partners we kid a lot that you need a degree to be able to figure out licensing. And in fact, it does feel that way. Therefor it’s always a good idea to check your license proposal with Microsoft to make sure that what you are proposing is correct. Even then you cannot be 100% sure, but at least you got some leverage as Microsoft proposed it themselves. During a BPIO (Bussiness Productivity Infrastructure Optimization) session which included licensing some of the questions we asked could not be answered with 100% certainty. Only after a few hours they returned with the correct licensing model. This makes licensing one point Microsoft needs to work on a lot: provide us with a tool where we can say : we have this farm, we are using these features, which SharePoint and Server licenses do we need? Mr Customer, this is what it is going to cost in licensing.

Article: http://www.cmswatch.com/Trends/1323-Confusing-enterprise-agreements-and-enterprise-licenses-in-SharePoint?source=RSS

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