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Warning: SharePoint can create chaos if not used properly

As I am still facing quite a few clients who are still interested in just deploying SharePoint within their organisation without thinking upfront about the why, the what, the who, the where and the when, articles like the one on InfoWorld make my life a little bit easier, as with a bit of luck they end up reading it as well :-). SharePoint is a great product, it does support an insane amount of features, it is a nice platform to build applications on, but it is not the magical product that will solve all your problems. I like to compare it with a nice room, with a television, lots of drawers to organize your clothes, cd’s, dvd,’s and what not. Having a nice room like that is great, and you can do lots of things in it. But you can also make a complete mess of the room, no matter how nice it was when you first “deployed” it. So define a strategy, define WHY you want to use SharePoint, which problems it will solve and where these solutions fit in the bigger picture. If you are doing a pilot, preferably by starting with one division/audience, make sure you have an idea upfront how it fits in the bigger picture, and scope it. Or your pilot will become production, you will get more and more requests as other divisions hear about what is going on, and you’ll end up with an environment that is unmanageable. Another nice read on this topic are the series : Why do SharePoint Projects fail?

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